Quarantine Cruising

We’ve been so busy (or maybe depressed) that there hasn’t been an update since the pandemic hit last winter.  We’ve stayed healthy so far but like everyone else, we keep saying—”what a year”.  Actually, some unique experiences were made possible by the quarantining.  In the spring after the Banderas Bay Regatta was cancelled, we headed up to the Sea of Cortez figuring that isolating would be a natural in some of the more remote anchorages there.  That actually worked pretty well.  There were no tourists so we had the national park islands all to ourselves.  The Mexican Navy did come by periodically to remind us to stay quarantined.  When May came along and it was time to put the boat in storage & drive north before the hot stuff set in, we were nervous about hotels along the way but actually only spent a single night hoteling before making it to my sister Linda’s place in Los Gatos, CA.  We know of at least one cruising couple who drove straight through from San Carlos to Seattle non-stop to avoid hoteling. 

We spent the Summer living on Restless at the Harbour Marina on Bainbridge Island with some forays to the San Juan Islands but Canada was closed so that was the extent of it.  It’s amazing how many boats were crammed into some the anchorages there.  65 boats anchored with us one night at Reid Harbor where we’re used to a dozen.

We got a lot of projects done on our property including finally finishing the upstairs living space in our barn. 

We also helped my parents move from their long-time home to an independent living facility.  Everyone pitched in and the whole thing happened in about 5 days. 

We also bought a used RV for our spring and fall migration back and forth to Mexico adds a really fun dimension to the dual location cruising lifestyle.  This fall, even with the pandemic, the trip south was a blast.  We didn’t have to stay in hotels or eat out.  We supplemented stays at State and National Parks with some “dispersed camping”.  That was very cool but kind of wished for 4 wheel drive a few times when we nearly got stuck.  We had no trouble at the border with the RV, Customs just waved us throughs. (whew!)

It was great to have the rv to live in while we got the boat ready to launch.  We actually parked right outside the boatyard fence next to the restrooms. 

So far cruising has been different than in past years, there are far fewer boats out and about.  Anchorages and marinas are wide open.  Very few of the Canadian cruisers have made it down yet.  We’ve been able to avoid towns for the most part but have stopped at La Cruz near Puerto Vallarta to reprovision.  Social distancing and other precautions are mandated by the government but most everything is wide open and most locals don’t wear masks when out and about.

We’re planning to sail down to Tenacatita for Christmas, leaving in the morning. Hope everyone stays healthy and has a merry Christmas.

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