Alaska, the 2nd half

The second half of our Alaska cruise involved some surprisingly warm weather. Between Juneau and Sitka, we found our selves searching for shorts and flip flops as temps rose to the mid-80s. Forest fire smoke sometimes tainted the otherwise crystal-clear sky. In the more remote anchorages, horse flies (solar powered?) swarmed the boat and drove Lucy to hiding in the inner recesses. Luckily as we neared Sitka, they became scarce and we had very pleasant conditions to explore the area. Sitka was actually one of our favorite towns. Our friend Jolynn joined us in Sitka and cruised to Petersburg where my parents and sister Linda came aboard for the leg back to Ketchikan via the LeConte Glacier and Anan Creek bear observatory. We were able to take a more leisurely cruise down through British Columbia after cruising up and around the Misty Fjords National Monument with Tom & Luann on Liberty and Michael on Candor. We’re back on Bainbridge now getting things ready to drive down to San Carlos Mexico in October to rescue Carmanah from the sweltering boat storage yard. The summer cruise totaled just over 2,700 miles at 6.5 knots average. The trawler was a great way to do the trip because we could be warm and dry while having great view of the amazing scenery when it was sunny or raining hard. Even on 80-mile days, we never felt tired or burned out from traveling. We were definitely a little rushed though and would love to do the trip again, slower– possibly leaving the boat up there for the winter. Maybe make two seasons out of it

2 thoughts on “Alaska, the 2nd half

  1. weworkshop

    Wwowsa! You guys do know how to pick your destinations. The photos are incredibly spectacular. Thanks always for your sharing stories and visuals … a treat for us indeed. Up to Maine this week to get the Seaway and moorings out of the water. Kirstin and David have driven up from the other Brooklyn to be our muscle and stamina. Of course they really wanted to have a chance to spend free range time with their new pup Ellie. We could not manage these chores with out their help. I still have the boot on my left leg, certainly an improvement from the over the knee cast, but I’m pretty slow getting around. Lots of adaptive equipment makes it a bit possible to do a bit of weeding and deadheading in the garden. Thousands of apples to think about trying to use a few of … Kitchen chores are pretty do-able but those two are really happy to cook and do it so very well. Starting to get nippy here these days and of course the days are so much shorter. Foliage has been showing it’s seasonal change. Trust you are organizing your next adventure …

    So glad we did get you guys here that summer and that we too had a chance to spend time in your waters, your home and with Evellyn. Memories …

    The cove at our shore Fourth of July family gathering D&K’s Ellie and Steve’s Lucy in Etna Happy Fall! ♡♡♡ Elizabeth Tobiasson



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