Banderas Bay to La Paz

Last spring we were lucky enough to have our crew from Washington fly down to sail with us in the Banderas Bay Regatta—very fun. But, since the regatta was scheduled almost a month later this year, we figured we’d be long gone before the event started. Wrong–extensive dental work for John kept us in the PV area longer, much longer than planned. So, what the heck. We figured we’d go for it double handed or maybe even get some cruiser friends to crew. As it turned out—a ringer, our buddy Bob (aka: Bob’s Your Uncle), decided to come visit about that time and Peggy came along as well. Also Judy & Mike from Honu, Ken from Cake, Anne from Banyan, and Pat from Voila also agreed to sail with us. So, we suddenly had 9 crew (not counting Lucy) for the regatta. Yeehaa, the game’s afoot. Overall, we were a little short on racing experience but everyone did amazingly well and most importantly they seemed to have a really good time. We placed 4th in the performance cruising class—but 1st among the actual “cruising” boats. After 3 days of hard racing, we carefully put Old Whitie (our 1978 #1 racing jib) away for future campaigns then we loaded the kayak, paddle board, and dinghy back aboard. Time to blow town. 1st stop was San Blas about 60 miles up the coast. Then after 5 days of living large in the Jejene (tiny no-see-ums) capital of the world, we headed 40 miles out to Isla Isabella—an isolated volcanic island nick named “The Galapagos of Mexico”. Bob and Peggy were amazed at the wildlife, especially the blue footed boobies and giant iguanas. We departed at sunset (after a fantastic fish fry on Voila) for the Baja now only 255 miles away. It was great having 4 people to share watches but for the first time on a Sea crossing we had zero wind. Glad to finally shut the engine down after making landfall at Bahia Muertos. Down to just two crew and one dog, we’re currently in La Paz getting ready to head north along the Baja coast. The water is warming up so we’re looking forward to some swimming and spear fishing before heading back across to San Carlos/Guaymas to haul the boat out in mid May


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