Zihua to La Cruz

It’s hard to believe that since Mason left in January, we’ve been too busy to update this blog. Donna has been doing much better with Instagram posts. The days are just flying by. Especially in places like Tenacatita where we get into a: Wake-up–dinghy in for a run on beach w/Lucy–do the morning radio nets–eat breadfeast—swim around the bay–go fishing—play bocci ball—beers at the palapa after—have dinner—visit—go to bed routine.

We left Barra de Navidad 1/22 bound for Zihuatanejo with stops at Santiago and Isla Grande (off Ixtapa) for a couple of days each. About 200 miles in between—very easy passage. We arrived in Zihua well before the start of Sailfest but regardless, activities were already underway. So, we signed up to take donors out for evening sails around the harbor to watch the sunset. Sailfest is an annual week-long event dedicated to raising funds to build local schools. There are many aspects to the event such as concerts, art auctions, boating, and even a chili cook off. The way we cruisers pitch in is to take people for boat rides in exchange for donations to the cause. Evening sails, music cruises (with local musicians aboard), a boat parade, and even a sailboat “race” all get people out on the water. It’s mostly gringo tourists that sign up but lots of fun is had by all. And we raised over a million pesos this time around.

Don & Emily from Bainbridge Island came down to visit us while we were in the midst of Sailfest. They’re always fun to have along and being accomplished sailor themselves, were a big help with the Sailfest guests. Our guests for the Race Around the Rock were the same bunch of fun folks from Quincy, WA that were with us last year. And we repeated the win as well. Yay!

After the event was completed, we put the boat into the marina at nearby Ixtapa and the four of us took an extended rent-a-car road trip into the mountains to see the sights with a focus on the monarch butterflies. We overnighted at the towns of Morelia, Angangueo, and Patzcuaro. All are above 6,000 ft and much cooler the what we’re used to on the coast. Highs in the 70s, lows in the 50s. The whole area felt very different than what we’re used to experiencing in Mexico. It had a very colonial feel. Many streets and buildings are centuries old–beautiful and very well kept and super clean. We saw only a few other gringos while there which was a refreshing change in its self. Outside of Angangueo, we drove up to Sierra Chincua Biosphere Reserve to view the monarch butterflies in the final phase of their pre-migratory breeding process. The males will die after breeding (poor guys), the females head to Texas on their way to central Canada (but it takes several generations). Then, one long trip for their descendants back to these mountains. There were literally millions of them around on the day we visited. Simply amazing. None of the hotels have heat so we froze our tropical adjusted butts off.

At the end of the week, Don and Emily dropped us back at Ixtapa so we could bring the boat back up to Barra de Navidad. They drove up the coast visiting some out of the way places. The sail up the coast can be against the prevailing NW winds and potentially nasty. But we had an easy trip and made record time getting to Barra after only 28 hours. Pretty much about the same time as Don & Emily. Also, our other friends from home—Scott & Gail—arrived that day as well. The 6 of us sailed up to Tenacatita and La Manzanilla for a few days of fun & sun—a little crowded but we’re all boaters so flexible enough to make it work.

After Don & Emily flew home Scott & Gail helped us take the boat up the coast to Banderas Bay where we hung out in La Cruz until their time to go home. John had several major dental procedures performed at his favorite PV dentist office (ouch) and now we’re preparing for the infamous Banderas Bay Regatta before heading north to the Sea of Cortez. Originally, we were planning to leave after the final visit to the Dentist but then made a snap decision to sign up for the regatta since we’re here anyway. We’re in the Cruising Division this year. Should be fun.

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