Going For The Tropical Weather


La Paz to San Blas was 360 miles. It will be small hops for the rest of 2016.  When we left La Paz, the sea water was already down to a chilly 72 degrees.  Hoping for closer to 80 on the other side.


Looks like the perfect spot to anchor (Muertos) before crossing. Maybe the pot at the end of this rainbow is trying to underscore the current exchange rate of 20 pesos/dollar.


If you know Vanna the self-steering wind vane, you can see she’s steering a course for a beam reach, perfect for zipping across the Sea with a fast, comfortable ride.


I think it’s Lucy’s turn to be on watch.  With the sails set and Vanna driving, pretty intense watch keeping.   Lucy ultimately tied her own record of 42 hours for “holding it”. 


We took off from Muertos (between Cabo and La Paz) on a beam reach holding 8 and 9 knots for most of the day but our overall trip average was only 6.25.  The wind died down at night.   Some incredible sailing though.


The Dept. of Tourism owns the Fonatur Marina up the river in San Blas. One of 4 Fonaturs we’ve stayed at on the “Nautical Stairway” extending up the Sea. Note the sun cover on Carmanah–yep, it’s getting warm again.


New, better bug screens go up in prep for the potential Denge carrying mosquitos of the Gold Coast. We met Dave who stayed on his trimaran last summer in San Blas (yikes, too hot) —he spent a full month battling Denge fever. I think those named Dave may be specifically targeted by the “bad” mosquitos.


It’s a farmers market everyday in San Blas.


Being back on the mainland means large glasses of fresh juice made to order for a buck. I visited these ladies’ stall at the public market every morning.


The whole town is a-buzz preparing for Christmas. These school kids are working on their choreography for the upcoming holiday pagent.


Gotta love the Whole-family-on-the-moped transportation solution that is ubiquitous to small Mexican towns. Teens texting while bicycling down a busy street is a scary sight as well.

3 thoughts on “Going For The Tropical Weather

  1. Tom

    Hey you sailors! The Croker’s are in Zihuatanjo looking for that beautiful silver boat w the perfect swim step. We see that your last blog was from San Blas so we’ll miss you – only here until the 17th then back to the cold! Safe sailing!


    1. demeyerone Post author

      Hey guys, sorry to miss you. We’re in Barre De Navidad and should be to Z-Town by early Feb. Maybe catch you up north this summer on the —gasp—power boat.


      1. Tom and Luanne

        How far south are you planning? We were in Patagonia and Cape Horn last February (via airplane of course) and it looked like great cruising for our winter months! (Although you can’t beat inside passage for beauty!)


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