Greener in the Fall, really

Believe it or not, it’s cold down here. We’re in La Paz provisioning and toughing it out with highs only reaching the low 70s and dipping to the 50s at night. And, the water temperature in going down fast. Brrrr, it’s time to cross the sea and head south. We’re planning to shove off first thing in the morning.

I must say that our experience in the Sea of Cortez this fall has been great. We’re wishing the window between the too-hot-of-summer and the too-cold-(and windy)-of-winter were a little longer. But we’ve had 7 good weeks of cruising and can’t wait to come back in the spring. We were a little surprised at how much greener everything was here in the fall vs the spring. But, summer is the rainy season after all.

We traveled the first half of our Baja trip with Pat and Celine of the Island Packet 35- Voila (Celine is originally from Quebec). Pat is a singer and song writer who wrote a great blues number titled “Chasing Carmanah”. I’m sure it’ll go platinum.  As we got further south and closer to civilization, it was fun to run into our old friends from last season and to meet some new folks as well.

The crossing will be about two days and nights.  We’re planning to hit the other side of the pond at San Blas then work our way down to Banderas Bay in time to fly to San Jose for Christmas at my sister Linda’s house. It’ll be Lucy’s first time flying and she’s put herself on an informal diet to ensure that she can fit into that 11x11x18 inch carrier that is supposed to fit under the seat. It’ll be interesting.


Santa Rosalia to La Paz blue lines


El Burro Cove has temporary shacks that can be rebuilt quickly. The owners (mostly expats) rent the space for about $300/mo.  They live on the sand at the water’s edge.  Pretty nice.


Typical setup at El Burro Cove in Conception Bay


Pat, Celine and Donna/Lucy at Isla Requeson in Conception bay. Carmanah and Voila in the back ground.


The town of Loreto coughed it up for a new sign. Eye catching.  The small boat harbor in background-too small for Carmanah but was nice to bring dinghy into. While in town, we kept one eye on the wind, ready to bolt if need be.


Down town Loreto is a really nice place. It’s one our favorite towns. Unfortunatly, there is no protected anchorage so you have to run if the wind pipes up.


Chucho a Mexican actor/star who plays a burro on TV seen taking a “smoke break” behind the set at the Loreto town Plaza.  It was quite a big deal.


A large group of dolphins riding Carmanah’s bow wave as we sail along–jib only from Loreto to Puerto Escondido.  20+ knots of wind, we got out of town just in time.


Donna is all setup with fresh produce after a quick shore leave at Loreto.


Board walk across the nature preserve at Isla Corodado. Most of the Islands and bays along this part of the coast are National Parks for which you need a pass.


One of a string of many refreshing pools in Steinbeck Canyon at Puerto Escondido. Surprisingly lush and green.


Pat helping Donna up the trail at Steinbeck Canyon.


On a nature hike at San Juanico. There were a boggling number of different plants that we never noticed in the spring after the dry season.


The Baja Elephant Tree is amazing, it can grow to 20 feet with an enormous trunk.


Thanksgiving potluck on the beach at San Evaristo. Christian and Merle (my band broke) supplemented the regular T-day fare with some excellent grouper and pompano. Our standup paddleboards made great tables.


Islet in Aqua Verde


The “forests” of cactus at San Evaristo were amazing.


Carmanah (left) at Aqua Verde, a most picturesque spot. A mini cruise ship showed up the 2nd day so we moved on.


Dang, another incredible sunset at Tembabichi Bay.


Selfie on the saltflats at Tembabichi.


This has disaster written all over it. Fishing from the SUP at Isla San Francisco.  Unfortunately/fortunately I didn’t catch anything.


Great band at La Costa in La Paz but Lucy is getting nervous about me and Jim from the J-35 Brainwaves as the Margaritas kick in.


Poor Lucy, everyone on the dance floor and she’s stuck holding down the table.

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