Returning to Carmanah, Finally


Hurricane Newton made a beeline for Guaymas where Carmanah is spending the summer.  We’re hoping for minimal damage.

Well, we’re finally on our way back to Carmanah after a surprisingly busy summer in the NW waiting out hurricane season.  Unfortunately,  one storm–Hurricane Newton–did hit Guaymas on Sept. 6th.  We felt pretty helpless 2,000 miles away watching news reports showing sunken docks and tipped over boats in dry storage.  And, we couldn’t reach anyone to check on the condition of our boat, communications were spotty for several days.  Finally, the boat yard manager emailed us photos of Carmanah looking just the way we left her but we’re  pretty nervous about what we’ll find when we get to Guaymas tomorrow.

On the trip south we drove down the Oregon Coast then took a diagonal course across Nevada to the Canyon Lands of southern Utah and Northern Arizona.  We really enjoyed traveling the Nevada back roads like  “Loneliest Road in America”–Highway 50.  We went many miles at a time without seeing another car.  Later at Bryce Canyon City, when blew an automatic transmission line (almost directly in front of a car repair garage), we were both bummed and feeling pretty lucky that it didn’t happen a day earlier 200 miles from the nearest town.

Our plan now is to get the boat ready for launch on Oct. 18 then spend a few days in the San Carlos Marina  on more boat projects before heading across the Sea of Cortez to the Baja.


Bob’s daughter Heather shows us how to do a head stand on the paddle board in Pendrell Sound.  The water temp. was in the mid 70s.  We of course ate a lot of oysters.


Lucy’s favorite spot on the fly bridge. Mom and Dad having a beer with Don from Windwalker.  The fly bridge saw a lot of action this summer.  Definitely the cool place to hang out in fair weather. 


Donna mastering the SUP. Looks real relaxed.


We had many a meal around the galley table on Restless this summer.


Donna & Linda walking the spit at McMicken Island, the final stop on our cruise to  the South Sound  before pulling into Restless’ winter home, Olympia.


Linda is brushing up on her helmsmanship before the challenge of driving Restless into the boat house in a cross wind with only 6″ of room on either side.  She did great.


The welcoming committee helps Restless adjust to her new boat house at the Olympia Yacht Club. There’s even room to leave the bimini up.  Wish we could leave Carmanah indoors like this.


Amazing erosion at Bryce Canyon


The trails down into the canyon were spectacular. 90% of the hikers were from other countries. It was more like 50/50 up at the rim.


Our camp site was just over the rim from this. Unfortunately our car broke down when we “ran into town” for dinner and we spent the night in a parking lot, not quite the same.  28 degrees was the overnight low.

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