Tale of Two Boats

You just never know what’s going to happen next with us.  We ended up spending the better part of a month (May) at San Carlos getting the boat ready for summer storage.  It was kind of exciting with boats coming in, getting “summarized”, hauling, then heading to various places and schemes to pass the summer months until things cool down and they can relaunch in the fall.  We learned a lot and made many new friends as the turnover was at a pretty brisk pace.  Most of the veteran Mexico cruisers have it down to a science and usually spend only about 3-5 days getting ready.  We of course took on some major projects like painting the lower section of the mast and having a full sun cover made for the boat to hold back some of the harmfull effects of the sun.  But once we finally hauled out at the yard in Guaymas, we pretty much beat cheeks out of there, it was starting to get pretty hot already.

Several newbies like us bought motor homes and planned to tour the country by road during the summer.  Our van isn’t exactly a motor home but it is possible to sleep inside and carry a lot of stuff.  And on the highway it is a lot easier to drive not to mention gas expenses are much less.  So we wandered around a lot.  After leaving the South West, we worked our way to San Jose, CA to visit sister Linda and our niece Kristi.  Linda just retired and is immersed in opening a local tea shop with Kristi.  It was fun to watch their planning and preparations–and sampling the experimental teas and pastries was delicious.

After a quick visit with sister Lisa and her kids Karrin and Mason in Sacramento, we headed for the Oregon coast to do some more camping before heading back to Bainbridge Island to regroup and modify the van for better camping utility.

Back on the island, we stayed in the guest house of Don and Emily since our house will remain as a rental.  We got to thinking about how much we miss Northwest Cruising and came upon the idea of buying a small trailerable power boat we could keep next to our barn during the winter and cruise up in BC in the summer.  Kind of like camping but very low cost as we planned to anchor out exclusively.  However after talking to dad and later Linda who both wanted “in” on the boat idea too—we realized the boat would need to be bigger.  So off we all went shopping for a 36-40 foot trawler type power boat for us to all cruise on.  And voila, 2 weeks later we made an offer on Restless, a 36′ single engine Universal Trawler.  It had been restored after being damaged in a boat house fire by a guy who upgraded it in many ways to make it the nicest trawler on the market at the time.  Then, two days later we’re on our way to Desolation sound for a shake-down cruise with Inamorata (Bob and Peggy) and Destiny 2 (Mike Curry, Mike Hubert and Gary)–both sailboats as we don’t know any power boaters yet.  So far so good but it’s strange being power boaters after a lifetime of sailing.  Of course we only motor at 7 knots so it actually isn’t all together different.  Sometimes we have the thought that the only thing more financially irresponsible that owning a boat is to own two boats.  But we’re having a great time and thinking that a couple years of winters in the tropics and summers up North sounds like a plan….until it changes which could be at any moment.



carmanah cover

Carmanah tucked in for the summer with her new sun cover–blocks 90% of sun but wind and rain pass through.

van camp

Car camping our way up from Mexico with our new Honda van. the tent hooks over the back to extend the space.


One of our favorite stops at Yosemete National Park in California.

party shot

A bbq at Teri and Ken’s place on Bainbridge Island had many of our sailing friends welcoming us back with a middle digit hand gestures when they found out about our plans to purchase a power boat. Some were a little challenged on the whole “flipping-off” thing though..


Just arrived from the broker

donna and ev on bridge

Donna and Ev on the flybridge of Restless on the Maiden Voyage from the brokerage in Port Orchard

skipper at helm

Dad at the lower helm statiion of our new boat. He looks very at ease in a power boat.


Looks like Mikey is getting ready the take the hand with the king of diamonds in the vastly intense hearts tournament on the upper deck of Restless in Nanaimo. The silver cooler isn’t bear proof but does have 4″ of insulation all around. Poor man’s yeti.

shuffle board

Our favorite sport–shuffle board–at Haley’s Bar in Friday Harbor. We were all a little rusty though.

raft up

Raft up in Montague Harbor in the Gulf Islands with Innamorata and Destiny 2. They still associate with us at least.

peggy galley

Peggy gives approval for the galley in Restless

lucy on bow of Restless

A little confused by the new boat

lucy hair cut

No more $8 dollar Mexican hair cuts. In Canada, Lucy gets a hack job cut by the Master.  Hey, it’s free–almost.







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