Gulf Islands-Here We Come

On Joan's beach enjoying some 2005

On Joan’s beach enjoying some 2005 “Carmanah Red” Joan found in her wine cellar from the days when they made wine for us at the local U-brew. It was still good!

Well, it’s time to buckle down and start working on that “to do” list for Mexico. Stopped at Denman Island (pop. 1000) on our way down the Strait of Georgia to visit our old friend Joan Prater. Joan was on the BI Parks hiring committee when I first applied for a job with BI Parks 30 some years ago. She’s been a friend and inspiration to us every since. She & her husband George built a lovely waterfront summer home here years ago and she splits her time between it and her home in Captain Cook on the Big Island. We’ve been house sitting for her every Christmas for the past several years. Have to miss this year since we’ll be in Mexico on the boat. Too bad about that, we love that place.

Lucy Heaven

Lucy Heaven

Denman is a hidden gem that we have by passed for many years. The community association has built a town dock next to the ferry dock that is very nice From there we could walk up to the quaint little town. Many artists and artisans here. They were having a 3 day writers and readers conference when we visited that attracts some very prominent speakers.
We’re currently anchored off the north end of Denman at Henry Bay trying to whittle down “the list”. Unfortunately for the list, the place is so gorgious we are having trouble buckling down. at low tide the sand spit and connecting islets extend several miles toward Cape Lazo. I calculated 500 acres of sand. Amazing marine life. A dream spot for Lucy. We thought we might have to (heaven forbid) leash her yesterday as she was running at “red-line” and in danger of blowing a valve or something. Who knows how much she can take before exhaustion or heat stroke set in.

Donna on the endless beach at Sand Island

Donna on the endless beach at Sand Island

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