Jump Over To The North Coast

Lucy loved the extensive sand beach at Sagar Lake.

Lucy loved the extensive sand beach at Sagar Lake.

I’m thinking that I must not be much of a gentleman cause they say “gentleman never sail to windward”. When we took off from Port Hardy on Saturday we were of course sailing straights into 25 knots of head wind . Our goal was to cross the Queen Charlotte Strait to spend some time in an anchorage called Murray’s Labyrinth. The Hydrovane did an excellent job steering close hauled so we could hang out in realitive comfort behind the hard dodger. We’re calling the hydrovane either Heidi or Vanna. I like Heidi but Donna is stuck on Vanna. I’ve always been a big Vanna White fan though, so we’ll see. Marlene suggested “Puff” but some how a device driving the boat with a possible stoner nick name might not inspire confidence. Sorry Marlene, good thought.

Murray’s Labyrinth is a maze of islands south of Cape Caution. With out a chart plotter, it would be really hard to find your way in. Actually a few years ago, “one” of us went out fishing in the dinghy from the anchorage and couldn’t find their way back. Finally ran out of gas as darkness approached and was drifting out into the Strait–no gas, no coat, no life jacket, to pants–yikes. But a passing boater saved the day and a VHF radio call brought us, the search party participants, to the rescue. Anyway, goes without saying that it’s a great place for kayaking and just generally “gunk-holing” around. The most notable thing that happened though is that Lucy finally used the Little Grass Mat. Yes! However, it was nerve racking for the whole boat. We could all feel her pain–24 hours of no shore leave before she would give in and christen the mat.. Big celebration afterward, high fives around. It’s still her ‘Plan B” but at least we know it can be done when it comes time for that first long passage.
Sunday, we were able to mostly sail around Cape Caution up into Fitz Hugh Sound on a gentlemanly broad reach. Stopped at Green Island Anchorage. Only boat–again, we’re definitely getting spoiled.
Monday, gentleman again, dead down wind w/jib only to Codville Lagoon. Never been here before, It’s very cool. There’s a nice 1/2 mile trail up to Sagar Lake complete with board walks. The lake has 1/2 mile of sandy (yes sandy) beach along the south shore. That’s something you don’t see everyday in this country and we’d love to find out how it happens that way.. It was sunny and warm so of course we had to go swimming. Another swimming lake, yay. the water was about 68. Though, one thing about this country that’s kind of irritating is that when the sun is hot, horse flies come out of no wheres and bite bit chunks of your flesh off and leave nasties behind. When it cools and they go away, mosquitos immediately take their place. Either way, tough on skinny dipping but you gotta just get in there quick before they can lock on to that vast expanse of bare skin. Regardless, we’ll definitely do this one again.
Still only 35 hours motoring so far. We did finally fill up with diesel before leaving Vancouver Island, Kramer would have been disappointed. If we could have made it until August, it would be 1 year on one tank.s Hopefully we can hold out now until returning to Puget Sound.
Haven’t plugged into shore power since leaving PMYC. Mike, the solar panels are putting out more power that we can use. Our voltage has yet to drop below 13. We pickled the water maker but I think that when we need it, if we only use it during prime sun hours, we’ll be fine.

Board Walk to beach wasn't Hot Springs Cove level but pretty nice.

Board Walk to Sagar Lake wasn’t Hot Springs Cove or BI Parks level but pretty nice when it came to swampy areas

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