Through The Rapids-Come Into The Cold

Cold reality of leaving tropical Desolation

Cold reality of leaving tropical Desolation

Sorry about the typos and disorganized posts, we hardly ever get a signal these days and I’m usually thumb typing on my I Phone as we pass a hot spot which puts the pressure on my big clumsy thumbs ( they don’t perform under pressure).
We very reluctantly Left Pendrell Sound on Monday to sail up to the Yaculta Rapids on the evening ebb. So we had all day to take a last swim, gather the max number of oysters and sail up to the rapids. Slack was at 5:30 pm and we made it at 6:30, sailing until we were actually in the rapids–average speed for the 20 miles was 3 knots thus we were a little late. But it was a great ride through, it’s always exhilarating to pass the Devils Hole at 12 knots spinning this way and that. Lucy was a little concerned. We always notice the temperature drop between the warm waters of Desolation fed by flood tides from the south and the cold waters north of the rapids fed from the north end of Vancouver Island. This time it was the most dramatic ever. After sailing all day in shorts and T shirts, we were suddenly scrambling to find our fleece and gortex. The water and air both dropped 20 degrees as we passed through the rapids. Brrrr. On top of that a front was coming through and rain set in so by the time we dropped the anchor in Shoal Bay just north of the last rapids, it was socked in and pretty cold. Go back?? Maybe.
Next morning we moved up to Forward Harbor via the Green Point Rapids, didn’t go back but we remembered what we love about these northern waters–the wildness, the ruggedness, the friendly yet more basic locals you encounter. Still, it’s cold. We had Forward Harbor completely to ourselves. Just before dark, 8 commercial fishing boats all came in together and anchored all around us but all left before our 6:00 am departure.
We pounded out Sunderland Channel into a 20 knot northerly wondering what the dreaded Johnstone Strait was going to be like. But it was actually perfect sailing conditions if you like a 15 knot beat to windward. But with the tide pushing us, our tacks were impressive and we made Goat Island in the Broughtons for dinner. Again, only boat there, sweet.
In the morning we realized we haven’t been doing any of the projects to get ready to head south that we planned to do, like install the AIS, Pactor modem, whisker pole track, etc. When we get up here, all we want to do is kayak, fish, hike, sail. So we decided to head to town (Port McNeil) and try to tick a few things off the list. Fished our way there since Malcome Island is on the way. No salmon but caught a pretty good sized sea bass.
We may also spend a few days in Port Hardy which has better electronics and marine stores. Also, that may put us there when the Van Isle 360 racw group comes thru. It would be fun to check out that scene and see some familiar faces–especially yours Bob & Peggy(?), Marley(?). But that’s not until the 11th so we might want to head across to the North Coast before then. Word has it that there’re seeing white grizzlies up at Ocean Falls right now. Spirit bears, that might be a must see side trip. There’s good crabbing in that area as well. So I don’t know if we can wait for the gang in Port Hardy. Weather is supposed to be real warm this next week which means 80s down south–here, sunny and 60 for a high. The locals are loving the “heat wave”.
By the way, we’re still on the same tank of fuel since last August 2nd when we filled up in Kingston at the end of our Barkley Sound Trip. Still have 1/3 left. We may try a “Kramer”–you know that Sienfelt episode?

3 thoughts on “Through The Rapids-Come Into The Cold

  1. Linda

    It is fun to follow you on your trip – know it’s hard but we love the blog postings😃. The Seinfeldt thing doesn’t end well….sort of Thelma and Louise thing if I remember right (and Kristi will know for sure).


  2. Robert Hubert

    I eagerly look forward to each of your postings. The shared details put me onboard with my dear friends- sail on


    Sent from my iPhone




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