Retirement Boot Camp

Sailing into a deserted Prideaux Haven, what's not to love

Sailing into a deserted Prideaux Haven, what’s not to love

We were able to sail a good part of the trip from Texada to Desolation with some time trolling for chinook off hardwick Island (no luck of course) and a swing into Lund to check out the new expansion of the marina. Still only 13 hours motoring time since leaving Port Madison! We pulled into Prideaux Haven first since it’s a cool place but always so very crowded that we haven’t stayed there in 25 years. 3 boats total in the whole place. It was hot (80s) and he water got above 70 so we swam and hung out for a couple of days & had our first oysters.
Two years ago when we were with Balder and Inamorata, we cruised through on our way to somewhere else and counted 57 boats moored here. Hard to believe it’s the same

At anchor at the head of Pendrell Sound

At anchor at the head of Pendrell Sound

Thinking that if the epicenter of Desolation Sound cruising is this uncrowded (mainly boats stopping enroute to Alaska) then other places slightly off the beaten path should be even better so we sailed up to Pendrell Sound–another cool place that is usually too loved to score a good anchor spot. The sound is reputed to be the warmest west coast body of water north of Mexico. Sure enough, not a soul in the whole sound. Not a ripple, air mid 80s, water mid 70s (hard to believe that just 15 miles north of here the water is 50 degrees) We took a stern tie spot at the head of the sound and settled in for a couple days of hiking, SUPing, kayaking, swimming–basically retirement boot camp. All those months getting ready to go, we basically quit working out or exercising. This felt great. Bailey, I doubt you have time to read blogs, but you should get your butt up here. This is the best around for swimming. The lakes are great but salt water that is comfortably warm with no wet suit–even I ride high in the water and the yards just click off. Like being back in Kona without the coral and tropical fish. But with a 4,500 ft peak on one side and 5,200 ft Mt Addenbroke on the other so close you can almost touch the snow fields, if feels pretty cool to be swimming up the center. One downside to saltwater swimming though is that we tend to take a shower each time and that is using a lot of our water supply. I didn’t bring enough pre-filters for the water maker to run very much. Seems the nutrient rich NW waters clog them quickly (9 Hours). The new stern shower is fantastic, especially with no audience around.
We had no idea there was good hiking here. We found a well marked trail head at the head of the sound that said “Hepburn Pt. .87”. (.87 what?) At first we were hoping they meant kilometers, after a good amount of hiking decided it must be miles, then I began to wonder if they meant degrees of latitude. To compound things, when the trail crossed a logging road, I assumed we were to follow it down to the point which is on the north side of the island. Wrong, I missed the wayfinding sign back into the woods. So we walked a long way in the wrong direction. But the extra couple of miles in the 85 degree heat did fit in with the bootcamp theme. Lots of bear scat but–bear sightings. We wondered what Lucy’s reaction would be. We eventually got on track and found our way to Hepburn pt. Would be a pretty reasonable hike without the stupidity add-on.

We’ve been living on the oysters since we got here but last night we defrosted the shrimp Larry Witty put in our freezer after the heroic PMYC shrimping expedition on the day of the Blake Island cruise. They were incredible, thanks Larry, Langley, and Rick–what a nice thing to do.
Like true northwesterners, we had been wishing for this kind of warm weather for a long time but after a few days of 80+ we’re on the verge (only the verge) of wishing for clouds again. But, we figure this is a warmup for the trip south in the fall. Right now though, we need to start heading north soon though-maybe one more swim then we’ll shoot to hit the rapids on the evening ebb and start toward Port Hardy–br


The “Traning Table” breakfast of champion, oatmeal w/raisons & nuts & soy milk–but note my secret ingrediant. The Goslings rum is key to the program’s success.

rrr. Donna wants to know why we would leave this mecca. It is hard, when we come back this way it’ll be nice but packed with boats and mega cruisers from Bellevue and Medina–right now it’s all ours.

4' down, 73.4, about 75 on the surface--in May!

4′ down, 73.4, about 75 on the surface–in May!

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