On to Canada

it’s supposed to be clear and sunny this next week in Desolation Sound so we’re heading up in the morning.  Probably a beat from here in Nanaimo but it’ll be worth it.  The weather up there has been consistently warmer than down south so we’re hoping the water in those lakes is getting swim-able.  Probably have to hit Unwin (where Pupino got that fated 1st swimming lesson) Black, and Cassell Lakes.

Great sail up from Friday Harbor yesterday- south 8-12–putted along with just the jib rolled out.  The wind vane is getting more dialed.  Gybes were pretty slick-just turn the wind paddle to the desired opposite heading and the boat slowly turns through the wind while we move the sheets.  There is a speed hit to dragging that second rudder through the water.  Up to a half knot in some conditions which may not sound like much to some but after so many years of racing, it’s a hard adjustment.

Lucy's underway-cool-weather position.  Ev--she loves the jacket, thanks.

Lucy’s underway-cool-weather position. Ev–she loves the jacket, thanks.  And, we all love the hard dodger.


3 thoughts on “On to Canada

  1. Don Hanke

    Hi John & Donna! Glad you are off and on your way. Have you named your wind vane? It will become a very welcome member of crew offshore. We named ours Auto and thanked it everyday on our way to Hawaii. Take it easy and have fun. Don


  2. Scott Sprague

    Desolation Sound…great! Watch out for Black Lake…Jeanne came out with leeches on her when we went swimming there. Scott


  3. Jeff

    We’re following you guys! Terry, Perry, and I are tracking you on the two old maps John gave me. Keep those posts coming! 😀



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