Getting Settled

The final of 20 cubic yards of stuff going into 10 cubic yards of space

The final of 20 cubic yards of stuff going into 10 cubic yards of space

Ok, so we’ve been going north on our boat(s) for 5 weeks +/- every summer for 24 years but this “shake down” cruise is very different.  First off, having moved onto the boat, there’s a lot more stuff.  At first I couldn’t imagine it could possibly all fit.  We’re still, after a week of cruising not quite there but Donna has been doing an amazing job of fitting, considating, purging, and sending home (via visits from her mom) the mountains of stuff piled in the cabin.  The sending home part will be a little harder since we left Port Townsend yesterday and are in Friday Harbor-heading up to Bedwell to

John Bailey on his

John Bailey on his “super extreme make-over”, Sir Issac. Nearing completion- possible launch on Aug 7. It was great to have the time to stop in PT to visit with John & Ann and to see the progress on the boat–it’s absolutely gorgeous-48′ cold molded perfection.  John and I have swum together since we were kids in Olympia.

check into Canada this afternoon.  On a “normal” summer trip we’d probably be in Port Hardy by now.  But this is totally different.  No set fixed vacation schedule.  Also for the first time in as many years we are alone, we’ve always traveled with Balder (my  parent’s boat) and usually one other.  Three boats rafted up at anchor every night. A completely different dynamic.  We already miss the companionship of traveling together.  Not having to pre-plan where to go each day will open options though–if we spot a place to stop that is intriguing, we can just pull over or if the wind is really good we may just keep sailing into the night.  It’ll be fun to see how that goes.  But right now we really miss Balder.  And adjusting to being “live-aboards” is a little disorienting.

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