Coming down to it.


Yes!, Spectra water maker installed–much more involved that we realized.

It was strange not going to work on Monday, like playing hooky, first week of retirement.  But that mainly means that we can devote full time to getting moved out of the house and the boat prepared to go.  So that’s 16 hrs per day except when friends ask us to have a “last diner” before we take off.  This cuts into getting ready but is actually much appreciated and saves us from obsessing on our List (too much).  Thanks you guys. It does look like we’re heading out on May 16 though–first leg– with the PMYC cruising group organized by Kim Esterberg.  They wanted to sail along with us on the first leg and we said how about Kingston (six miles away).  It’ll get us away from the dock and a good excuse for a party.  After that we don’t really care how far we get the first week.  We still have a lot of gear to dial in which I’m sure will be in process along the way. Doing this trip north initially is great because it gets us away with plenty of time to get comfortable with all the new gear while in familiar surroundings.

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